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Alongside good governance, technology is considered among the greatest enablers for improved quality of life. However, the majority of its benefits have been concentrated in industrialized nations and therefore limited to a fraction of the world's population. We believe that technology has a large role to play in developing regions, that "First World"(More)
Ad hoc and sensor networks are an important, emerging niche that is poorly supported by existing operating systems. In this paper, we argue that network-wide energy management is a primary concern in ad hoc networks, and that this functionality is best provided by a systems layer. We are currently designing and implementing a distributed, power-aware,(More)
TierStore is a distributed filesystem that simplifies the development and deployment of applications in challenged network environments, such as those in developing regions. For effective support of bandwidth-constrained and intermittent connectivity, it uses the Delay Tolerant Networking store-and-forward network overlay and a publish/subscribe-based(More)
This paper evaluates CDMA450 as a potential solution for rural data and voice connectivity. We begin by analyzing the main strengths of CDMA450, but also some of the potential limitations for rural coverage, both from a technical and an economic standpoint. We argue that CDMA450 is a promising technology, competitive in both capacity-centric urban(More)
This study estimates the effect of economic conditions on redistributive conflict. We examine land invasions in Brazil using a panel dataset with over 50,000 municipality-year observations. Adverse economic shocks, instrumented by rainfall, cause the rural poor to invade and occupy large landholdings. This effect exhibits substantial heterogeneity by land(More)
P u b l i s h e d b y t h e I E E E C o m p u t e r S o c i e t y The Case for Technology in Developing Regions A mong the broad set of top-down Millennium Development Goals that the United Nations established in 2000 (http://www.un. org/millenniumgoals), one stands out: “Make available the benefits of new technologies—especially information and(More)
Software defined network has been the buzzword among networking professionals since the last few years. SDN promises to simplify network management using its three tiered architecture. Unfortunately, a significant amount of research that is going on in this field is focused on huge enterprise or datacenter networks. The social impact that this technology(More)