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TierStore is a distributed filesystem that simplifies the development and deployment of applications in challenged network environments, such as those in developing regions. For effective support of bandwidth-constrained and intermittent connectivity, it uses the Delay Tolerant Networking store-and-forward network overlay and a publish/subscribe-based(More)
Ad hoc and sensor networks are an important, emerging niche that is poorly supported by existing operating systems. In this paper, we argue that network-wide energy management is a primary concern in ad hoc networks, and that this functionality is best provided by a systems layer. We are currently designing and implementing a distributed, power-aware,(More)
A mong the broad set of top-down Millennium Development Goals that the United Nations established in 2000 (http://www.un. org/millenniumgoals), one stands out: " Make available the benefits of new technologies—especially information and communications technologies. " Alongside good governance, technology is considered among the greatest enablers for(More)
This paper evaluates CDMA450 as a potential solution for rural data and voice connectivity. We begin by analyzing the main strengths of CDMA450, but also some of the potential limitations for rural coverage, both from a technical and an economic standpoint. We argue that CDMA450 is a promising technology, competitive in both capacity-centric urban(More)
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