Boutaïna El Abida

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Sex hormones have broader effects than regulating reproductive functions. Recent identification of membrane progestin receptors expressed in kidney prompted us to investigate their putative involvement in the renal effects of this hormone. We first focused our investigations on mPRalpha and gamma by analyzing three parameters 1/ their distribution along the(More)
Renal functions are regulated by steroid sex hormones, but the exhaustive identification of their receptors along the nephron is still lacking. Here, we have localized all known nuclear or membrane-bound sex hormone receptors and some of their activators along the nephron of male and female mice. Almost all receptors are present in male and female kidney,(More)
The presence of senile plaques in the brain is one of the pathological hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The biogenesis and clearance of the amyloid β peptide (A β ), the main component of the lesions, lie at the center of the pathogenesis of AD. In sporadic AD, the increase of A β levels seems to be indicative of failure of clearance mechanisms. We(More)
Using a monoclonal antibody against the entire C-terminal end of human APP(695) (643-695 sequence) and a monoclonal antibody directed against human beta[1-40] amyloid peptide (betaA), we show the existence of endogenous peptides proteolytically derived from APP in skin exudate of the non transgenic Xenopus laevis frog. The majority of the immunoreactivity(More)
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