Boudewijn de Bruin

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In 1952, Thompson deened four transformations on extensive games, and proved that they leave the reduced normal form intact (a so{ called \adequacy" theorem). Kohlberg&Mertens, in 1986, proposed two additional game transformations. In this paper, I will state and prove adequacy results for all six transformations in a uniform manner. Then, a number of(More)
We discuss infinite zero-sum perfect-information games with more than two players. They are not determined in the traditional sense, but as soon as you fix a preference function for the players and assume common knowledge of rationality and this preference function among the players, you get determinacy for open and closed payoff sets. 2000 AMS Mathematics(More)
As policy-makers and private individuals, we sometimes face choices of the following kind: either choose an alternative which has somewhat lower expected value for each person, but which will substantially improve the outcomes of the worst off, or choose an alternative which has somewhat higher expected value for each person, but which will leave those who(More)
Cloud computing is rapidly gaining traction in business. It offers businesses online services on demand (such as Gmail, iCloud and Salesforce) and allows them to cut costs on hardware and IT support. This is the first paper in business ethics dealing with this new technology. It analyzes the informational duties of hosting companies that own and operate(More)
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