Bouchra Oukkache

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Isolated acquired factor VII deficiency is a rare coagulopathy. It has been reported in 31 patients with malignancy, sepsis, postoperatively, aplastic anemia, and during bone marrow transplantation. We discuss, through a new case of acquired factor VII deficiency, the characteristics of this disease when it is associated with acute myeloid leukemia.(More)
BACKGROUND Viral hepatitis is a serious public health problem affecting billions of people globally. Limited information is available on this issue in Morocco. This cross-sectional study was undertaken with the aim of determining the seroprevalence and risk factors of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) among the general population and among(More)
AIM The present study aims at determining the relationship between the plasma fibrinogen concentration and the severity of coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetic patients. METHODS Prospective analytical survey, based on a sample of 120 subjects divided in four groups: 30 non diabetic coronary patients (G1), 30 coronary diabetic patients (G2), 30(More)
BACKGROUND Laboratory reference intervals are important for both clinical orientations and therapeutic decisions. In Morocco, no reference ranges are available for local population. The ranges commonly used in clinical laboratories and by physicians are those of Caucasian population. We have decided that it is relevant to undertake an epidemiological(More)
Lead colic is a rare cause of abdominal pain. The diagnosis of lead poisoning is most often mentioned in at risk populations (children, psychotic). We report the case of a 2 year old child that was presented for acute abdomen. Abdominal plain radiograph showed multiple intra-colonic metallic particles and suggested lead poisoning diagnosis. Anamnesis found(More)
La réactivation du virus de l'hépatite B est secondaire à une diminution de l'immunité de l'hôte et peut être suivie d'une poussée d'hépatite aigue potentiellement mortelle. Nous rapportons le cas d'un patient D.H, 47 ans, sexe masculin, AgHBs négatif, jamais transfusé, jamais vacciné contre l'hépatite B qui avait présenté en mars 2013 un LNH B diffus à(More)
Introduction: Prinzmetal angina is a special type of acute coronary syndrome ST+ wich correspond to a transient occlusion of a coronary vessel secondary to spasm. This type of acute coronary syndrome is very rare and is characterized by the presence of signs of myocardial ischemia on electrocardiogram but coronary angiography and coroscaner are frequently(More)