Bouchra F. Baba

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A series of 18 new 3,4-disubstituted-isothiochromeno[3,4-e][1,2]oxazines 28–45 has been obtained from the 3′,4′-di-substituted-4′H-spiro[isothiochromene-3,5′-isoxazol]-4(1H)-ones 10–27 in refluxing HCl acid/ethanol. A series of 15/18 compounds 28–45 was selected by the National Cancer Institute (NCI, Bethesda, USA) and were evaluated against a full panel of(More)
Metal-carboxylic ionophore complexes, where Metal = Ag, Tl, Li, Na, K, Rb, Mg, Mn, Cs, Sr, Ba, Cu and Ionophore = monensin (MON-H), have been synthesized. The molecular structures of three complexes have been solved by X-ray diffraction methods. The metal chelates were tested against human tuberculosis line for potential anti-tubercular activity against(More)
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