Bouchra Amara

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INTRODUCTION Severe pulmonary tuberculosis may be complicated by deep vein thrombosis due to a state of hypercoagulability. OBSERVATION We report a case of pulmonary miliary tuberculosis associated with cerebral venous thrombosis and multiple intracranial tuberculomas. A 65-year-old woman developed a confusional syndrome one week after starting treatment(More)
Age, late repair, loss of nerve tissue, tension, and other factors are now known to influence axon regeneration and the quality of recovery after nerve repair. Many of the factors cannot be controlled by surgery. However, a few important ones depend on surgical technique, and some could be minimized, e.g., suture with tension, scarring due to foreign(More)
Desmoid tumors are rare forms of low grade malignancies. They are characterized by a strong potential of local invasion. Although they are considered histologically benign they behave aggressive locally. They typically occur in the abdominal wall or within the abdomen. Mediastinal localisation is very rare. The only curative treatment is wide surgical(More)
Askin's tumor is a primitive neuroectodermal tumor developing from the soft tissues of the chest wall. Its diagnosis approach is complex and requires a multidisciplinary team. Given the rarity of this entity, no regimen has been validated in the literature. We report two cases of Askin's tumor with a major response to polychemotherapy and surgical resection(More)
The urachus, derived partly from the allantoic canal, tethers the apex of the bladder to the umbilical ring. This vestigial structure, though constant in man, is formed by a whole series of embryologic mechanisms which are still controversial. Total or partial persistence of the lumen of the urachal canal, when sufficiently extensive, becomes manifested by(More)
INTRODUCTION Tracheobronchial amyloidosis is an uncommon localized form of amyloidosis that can simulate a tracheal tumor. Clinical signs are not specific and the diagnosis is rarely given before performing a bronchoscopy with multiples biopsies. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of a 60-year-old Moroccan woman, complaining of dyspnea and wheezing for(More)
Anterior interosseous nerve palsy are relatively rare, specialy in traumatic cases. Two case of incomplete anterior interosseous nerve palsy with isolated total loss of function of flexor pollicis longus are reported. Partial palsy of the A.I.N. have been previously reported, but their mechanism is unclear. The incomplete anterior interosseous nerve palsy(More)