Bouchaib Aylaj

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In this paper we present a fast and efficient method to find partial weight enumerator (PWE) for binary linear block codes by using the error impulse technique and Monte Carlo method. This PWE can be used to compute an upper bound of the error probability for the soft decision maximum likelihood decoder (MLD). As application of this method we give partial(More)
In this paper we present a method to search q circulant matrices; the concatenation of these circulant matrices with circulant identity matrix generates quasi-cyclic codes with high various code rate q/(q+1) (q an integer). This method searches circulant matrices in order to find the good quasi-cyclic code (QCC) having the largest minimum distance. A(More)
The standard compact Genetic Algorithm uses competition between two individuals for which we calculate the objective function and the winner will be the one who gives the best value of this function. This work presents a new approach of compact Genetic Algorithm that uses more than just two vectors of competition; it introduces tournament selection with(More)
In this paper, we use the physical aspect of the simulated annealing method in order to propose a modified simulated annealing algorithm. The main idea of the algorithm is based to find the optimal solution of a combinatorial optimization problem by switching between two different subsystems of treatment; using so called degeneration of atoms energy. This(More)
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