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We present in a first step of this work a new timed actor model : ATC (Actors with Temporal Constraints). We hope to capture most of the temporal constraints arising in real time systems. For this purpose, we have used previous works on timed process algebras. We have chosen to include the two operators of ATP (Algebra of Timed Processes) : the watchdog(More)
An architecture for interfacing the data exchange between microprocessor-based systems and external devices is presented. This architecture investigates the great capacity of the interfacing of extended physical addressing and uses both the direct memory access (DMA) technique and memory integration. This method will contribute to improve the speed of data(More)
The present work is about an advanced architecture for generating video signals from microprocessor-based systems. This architecture is a solution for real time image processing hardware/software systems which require a significant recording time and uses a reduced area of physical addressing of microprocessor-based systems. This solution investigates both(More)
A new mixed software/hardware architecture is presented for the generation of video signals from a microprocessor system. This architecture uses fast physical addressing as a hardware interface for the transfer of data from the microprocessor system to the video memory of the system. The interface is based on the utilisation of a mixed software/hardware(More)
We propose a new method of canceling the fixed-pattern noise of CMOS activepixel image sensors caused by the threshold mismatch of MOS FETs in pixel circuits. This method uses with non-destructive intermediate readout circuitry. Assuming a TSMC 0.25-μm mixed-signal process, we designed a CMOS image sensor in which the canceling circuit was implemented for(More)
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