Boualem Boashash

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The frequency of a sinusoidal signal is a well defined quantity. However, often in practice, signals are not truly sinusoidal, or even aggregates of sinusoidal components. Nonstationary signals in particular do not lend themselves well to decomposition into sinusoidal components. For such signals, the notion of frequency loses its effectiveness, and one(More)
This paper, which addresses the important issue of estimating the instantaneous frequency (IF) of a signal, is a sequel to the paper which appears in this issue, and dealt with the concepts relating to the IF. In this paper the concept of IF is extended to be able to cope with discrete time signals. The specific problem explored is that of estimating the IF(More)
The Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) has optimal energy concentration for linear frequency modulated (FM) signals. This paper presents a generalization of the WVD in order to effectively process nonlinear polynomial FM signals. A class of polynomial WVD’s (PWVD’s) that give optimal concentration in the time-frequency plane for FM signals with a modulation(More)
This paper deals with the problem of blind separation of nonstationary sources in the underdetermined case, i.e. more sources than sensors, using time–frequency distributions (TFDs). We propose a new algorithm to achieve the separation based on a main assumption of time–frequency (TF) disjoint sources that allows an explicit exploitation of nonstationarity.(More)
Seizures are often the first sign of neurological disease or dysfunction in the newborn. However, their clinical manifestation is often subtle, which tends to hinder their diagnosis at the earliest possible time. This represents an undesirable situation since the failure to quickly and accurately diagnose seizure can lead to longer-term brain injury or even(More)
This paper describes the advancements, updates and improvements made in the new Time Frequency Signal Analysis TFSAP toolbox as compared with the previous TFSA toolbox version. The updates and improvements done in TFSA toolbox are in-line with the latest research done in recent few years in the field of time-frequency based signal analysis. TFSA Toolbox has(More)