Botao Chen

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we consider the problem of identification of a convolutive mixture. The are independent and non-white, with statistics based identification approach [I] that utilizes eigen-value decomposition of second order spectral correlations. In [l], that provides some insight on the selection of parameters tics affeGt the reconstruction result. assume that each(More)
—A novel electromagnetic transient analysis technique by means of the orthogonal projection method for lossy transmission line is proposed. By employing the proposed method, the traveling waves propagating from one terminal to another can be quickly obtained with less amount of computation at considerably large steps. First of all, the differential function(More)
We investigate the blow-up properties of the positive solutions to a quasilinear parabolic system with nonlocal boundary condition. We first give the criteria for finite time blowup or global existence, which shows the important influence of nonlocal boundary. And then we establish the precise blow-up rate estimate. These extend the resent results of Wang(More)
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