Bostjan Polajzer

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This paper discusses methods for voltage-sag source detection, which are based either on energy, current, or impedance criteria. It is shown that methods known from the literature do not work well, particularly in cases of asymmetrical voltage sags. Therefore, generalized methods for voltage-sag source detection are proposed, using a vector-space approach.(More)
This paper deals with a middle frequency direct current (MFDC) resistance spot welding system (RSWS). It consists of a semiconductor input converter, a single-phase welding transformer with one primary coil and two secondary coils, and a full-wave output rectifier connected to the transformer's secondary coils. The unwanted current spikes in the input(More)
This paper deals with the orthogonal decomposition of currents in a three-phase system. Currents and voltages of the three-phase system are treated as instantaneous values and as continuous functions defined in given interval. In both cases current and voltage vectors are defined. They are decomposed into two orthogonal components. The first one is(More)
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