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We continue the investigation of validity of Hall's theorem in the case of the Loeb space L(H) of an internal, uniformly distributed, hyperfinite measure space H = (Ω, A, µ) initiated in1992 by the author. Some new classes of graphs are introduced for which the measure theoretic version of Hall's theorem still holds.
For every Π 1 1 and non-Borel subset P of an internal set X in a ℵ 2 saturated nonstandard universe there exists an internal, unbounded, non-atomic measure µ so that L(µ)(P B) is not finite for any Borel set B in X. A is closed with respect to taking finite unions and intersections and to taking complements) and µ is an internal finitely additive measure(More)
Template Method Pattern (see [5]) solves the problem of the existence of a generic algorithm for a family of classes that needs specialization in each and every concrete class. It does so by implementing the algorithm in the base class and by forwarding implementation details to (pure) virtual functions. In terms of [5] these forwarding functions are called(More)
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