Boshra B. Salem

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Foreword O ver the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that desertification is one of the most pressing global environmental challenges of our time, threatening to reverse the gains in sustainable development that we have seen emerge in many parts of the world. It is a process that can inherently destabilize societies by deepening poverty and(More)
Under increasing water scarcity, collective groundwater management is a global concern. This article presents an interdisciplinary analysis of this challenge drawing on a survey including 50 large and small farms and gardens in a village in an agricultural land reclamation area on the edge of the Western Desert of Egypt. Findings revealed that smallholders(More)
Quantitative approaches used for detecting biodiversity ‘hotspots’ depend mostly on species occurrence data. This approach has been criticized for not recognizing all aspects of species importance. In this study, we used information on plant species to estimate a species conservation importance (SCI) and compare sites’ conservation value (SCV) at the(More)
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