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In this papel; we study wormhole routed networks and their suitability for real-time trafic in a priority-driven paradigm. A traditional blocking $ow control in wormhole routing may lead to a priority inversion in the sense that high priority packets are blocked by low priority packets for unlimited time. This uncontrolled priority inversion causes the(More)
Hyperthermia based cancer treatments are used to increase the susceptibility of cancerous tissue to subsequent radiation or chemotherapy treatments, and in the case in which a tumor exists as a well-defined region, higher intensity heat sources may be used to ablate the tissue. Utilizing the guidance of real-time treatment data while applying a laser heat(More)
The performance of output bu€ers in multipath ATM switches is closely related to the output trac distribution, which characterizes the packet arrival rate at each output link connected to the output bu€er of a given output port. Many multipath switches produce nonuniform output trac distributions even if the input trac patterns are uniform. Focusing on(More)
The paper develops the analysis of output bufFers in multipath multistage interconnection networks. The delay-throughput performance of output buffers in multipath multistage interconnection networks is closely related to the output traffic distribution which is the packet arrival rates a t each output link connected to a given output module. Many multipath(More)
Multistage Interconnection Networks with multiple paths can support higher bandwidth than those of nonblocking networks by passing multiple packets to the same destination simultaneously. I n the multiple path networks, the performance of the output buffer affects the whole system performance and is closely coupled with the output traffic distribution that(More)