Bosede Olayinka Owolabi

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The frog skin host-defense peptide CPF-SE1 has previously been shown to stimulate the in vitro release of insulin from clonal BRIN-BD11 β-cells. In this study, the in vivo effects of the peptide were(More)
We have previously described the insulinotropic activities of [I10W]tigerinin-1R (RVCSAIPLPWCH.NH2) in vitro. In this study, we investigated the effects of the peptide on nutrient homoeostasis in(More)
The frog skin host-defence peptide hymenochirin-1B has been shown to stimulate insulin release in vitro from isolated pancreatic islets and BRIN-BD11 clonal β-cells. This study examines the effects(More)
Hymenochirin-1b (Hym-1B; IKLSPETKDNLKKVLKGAIKGAIAVAKMV.NH2) is a cationic, α-helical amphibian host-defense peptide with antimicrobial, anticancer, and immunomodulatory properties. This study(More)
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