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Hardware multithreading is becoming a generally applied technique in the next generation of microprocessors. Several multithreaded processors are announced by industry or already into production in the areas of high-performance microprocessors, media, and network processors.A multithreaded processor is able to pursue two or more threads of control in(More)
SUMMARY Data Grids are an emerging technology for managing large amounts of distributed data. This technology is highly-anticipated by scientific communities, such as in the area of astronomy and high energy physics, because their experiments generate massive amounts of data which need to be shared and analysed. Since it is not feasible to test different(More)
The paper presents an overview of the parallel computing models, architectures, and research projects that are based on asynchronous instruction scheduling. It starts with pure dataow computing models and presents an historical development of several ideas (i.e. single-token-per-arc dataow, tagged-token dataow, explicit token store, threaded dataow,(More)
Many real-world engineering problems can be expressed in terms of partial differential equations and solved by using the finite-element method, which is usually parallelised, i.e. the mesh is divided among several processors. To achieve high parallel efficiency it is important that the mesh is partitioned in such a way that workloads are well balanced and(More)
The instruction-level parallelism found in a conventional instruction stream is limited. Studies have shown the limits of processor utilization even for today's superscalar microprocessors. One solution is the additional utilization of more coarse-grained parallelism. The main approaches are the (single) chip multiprocessor and the multithreaded processor(More)