Borut Buchmeister

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This paper examines basic aspects of determining strain due to noise on workers in an industrial environment. Technological development enables better working conditions which then demands changes in methods for measuring strain and stress loadings. A modified method is now presented since the existing method for determining strains caused by exposure to(More)
Well organized supply chains are one of the best ways to compete in today's marketplaces. For make-to-stock production systems the production plans and activities are based on demand forecasting, which is one of the key causes of the bullwhip effect (BE). BE is the inherent increase in demand fluctuation up the supply chain and produces excess inventory and(More)
J. Ferčec, B. Buchmeister, University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Maribor, Slovenia; D. Jenko, Institute of Metals and Technology, Ljubljana, Slovenia; F. Rojko, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia; B. Budič, National Chemistry Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia; B. Kosec, University of Ljubljana, Faculty(More)
The intuitionistic fuzzy set which is characterized by a membership degree and a non-membership degree, is a very powerful and useful tool to cope with fuzziness and uncertainty. Recently, the Pythagorean fuzzy set which is an extension of the intuitionistic fuzzy set has been introduced. In this paper, we focus on multi-attribute decision making with(More)
Supply chains are dynamic systems. Overall supply chain evaluation needs to include the Bullwhip Effect (or Whiplash Effect). The Bullwhip Effect shows how small changes at the demand end of a supply chain are progressively amplified for operations further back in the chain, resulting in increased cost and poorer service. It is understood that demand(More)
In the future we will be faced with changes and challenges in all the different spheres of our lives. Our times are characterized by two main features: the increasing networking between different social, political, economic, technical and ecological systems and, at the same time, the growing complexity of the systems involved and their dynamic interactions.(More)
In this paper, we propose an application programming interface (API) for designing of a robot workspace. The interface is realized inside a SolidWorks computer aided design environment. Via API, the builder of the robot system can check if: a) the current robot mechanism can perform the desired work movements, b) the robot can avoid singularity, and c) the(More)
Supply chains are one of the best ways to compete in today's marketplaces. In Supply Chain Management, overall supply chain evaluation needs to include all realistic conditions and effects. An important logistical effect is known as the Bullwhip Effect. It represents the amplification of the order variability in a supply chain. It is understood that demand(More)
The paper presents the results of theoretical and practical research dealing with the determination of the effects of noise on workers in an industrial environment. The ergonomic coefficient Ker, modified by the novel method presented in this paper, has been used as a measure for the effect of noise on workers. The new method has been tested on various(More)
This paper presents the existing state of cooperation issues among European manufacturing firms. We have conducted a survey within several European countries and asked their manufacturing firms with at least 20 employees if they are keen to cooperate with other firms and other institutions in the field of R&D with universities and other research(More)