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Distributed Optimization and Statistical Learning via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Many problems of recent interest in statistics and machine learning can be posed in the framework of convex optimization. Due to the explosion in size and complexity of modern datasets, it isExpand
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Channel-Reconstruction-Based Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter-Wave Multi-User MIMO Systems
The focus of this paper is on multi-user multi-input multi-output transmissions for millimeter-wave systems with a hybrid precoding architecture at the base station. To enable multiuserExpand
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Coded Caching with Heterogeneous User Profiles
Coded caching has been proven to be a useful technique for reducing traffic in networks with point-to-multipoint links. The key idea is to pre-fetch popular content at the end users during off-peakExpand
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The Transfer Load-I/O Trade-Off for Coded Caching
Caching has been investigated as a useful technique to reduce the network burden by prefetching some contents during off-peak hours. Coded caching can reduce the traffic load by broadcasting codedExpand
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Faster-than-SIFT Object Detection
As computers become more powerful and video processing schemes improve, the problem of efficiently organizing and searching through videos becomes increasingly important. While the question ofExpand
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On Coded Caching for Two Users with Overlapping Demand Sets
Coded caching is a technique for reducing congestion in communication networks by prefetching content during idle periods and exploiting multicasting opportunities during periods of heavy traffic.Expand
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On the Average Rate for Coded Caching with Heterogeneous User Profiles
Coded caching utilizes pre-fetching during off-peak hours and multi-casting for delivery in order to balance the traffic load in communication networks. Most of the existing research focuses onExpand
Spreading Modulation for Multi-Level Non-Volatile Memories
The aggressive scaling of NAND flash memories has caused significant degradation in their reliability and endurance. One of the dominant factors in this degradation is the inter-cellinterference, byExpand
HARQ Strategies for Relay Systems with Limited Feedback
Hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) techniques based on rate compatible error correction codes (ECC) have been extensively studied to maximize the achievable data rate while maintaining errorExpand
Improved LDPC Coding with QAM Mai Zhang
The exponential increase in wireless traffic is pushing the limits of the current technologies, forcing researchers and operators to use every technique at their disposal to meet the demand. MostExpand