Borja Miñano

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The Fisher information matrix (FIM) is a widely used measure for applications including statistical inference, information geometry, experiment design, and the study of criticality in biological systems. The FIM is defined for a parametric family of probability distributions and its estimation from data follows one of two paths: either the distribution is(More)
We consider models of growing multilevel systems wherein the growth process is driven by rules of tournament selection. A system can be conceived as an evolving tree with a new node being attached to a contestant node at the best hierarchy level (a level nearest to the tree root). The proposed evolution reflects limited information on system properties(More)
Semantic web is mainly addressed to distributed web systems development. The semantic web organizes the information in a way that it is possible to find it even the amount of data is enormous. The semantic web provides a way to transform the information into knowledge by storing the data in concepts related by their meaning. This work-inprogress paper is(More)
Simflowny is an open platform which automatically generates parallel code of scientific dynamical models for different simulation frameworks. Here we present major upgrades on this software to support an extended set of families of models, in particular: i) a new generic family for partial differential equations, which can include spatial derivatives of any(More)
Data from FDA's nozzle challenge-a study to assess the suitability of simulating fluid flow in an idealized medical device-is used to validate the simulations obtained from a numerical, finite-differences code. Various physiological indicators are computed and compared with experimental data from three different laboratories, getting a very good agreement.(More)
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