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A feasibility study Leopoldo Perez de Isla ⁎, Vera Lennie , Maribel Quezada , Juan Guinea , Cristina Arce , Pilar Abad , Adriana Saltijeral , Nellys Carolina Campos , Jacobo Crespo , Borja Gonzálvez , Agustín Macia , Jose Zamorano d a Unidad de Imagen Cardiológica, Hospital Carlos III, Madrid, Spain b Cardiología, Hospital del Tajo, Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain(More)
In this work, we looked at the results of a retrospective study carried out in our unit on the ocular manifestations in the dialysed chronic renal failure patient. Eighty-one of our 189 patients had an ophtalmic examination. Thirty-six showed a retinopathy, 26 suffered from a corneoconjunctival alterations, 19 from a cataract, 6 a vascular thrombosis, 4 a(More)
Puroose Recurrent ocular toxoplasmosis is a major cause of blindness throughout the world. However, the pathogenetic mechanisms of reactivation of latent Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii) infections are still unknqwn. An important question is whether the recurrent focal inflammatory responses in the retina are primarily directed against the parasite itself or(More)
Color Doppler flow imaging was performed in 10 healthy controls and in 32 patients with orbital and retinal vascular diseases in order to investigate ocular arterial supply. Abnormal changes of the orbital blood flow observed in case of dural fistula, orbital varicosis and choroidal melanoma is described. In patients with central retinal vein occlusion,(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of uveitis is a difficult one and subject to much debate between ophthalmologists and internists. In 1992, we carried out a prospective study to assess the importance of the internist's consultation, the contribution of an extensive laboratory evaluation and to propose a well considered diagnostic strategy. MATERIAL and methods:(More)
UNLABELLED Treatment of choroidal neovascularization in pathological myopia is still controversial. METHODS A retrospective analysis of 17 patients with severe myopia (>-6) and subfoveal choroidal neovascularization who underwent surgical removal of choroidal neovascularization, was performed. The patient population consisted of 2 groups: 9 patients(More)
The tilted disk syndrome is a frequent congenital abnormality. The case reported here associates tilt of the disk crescent hypopigmentation of inferonasal quadrant and macula ectopy. We study the visual field defects which are attributed to a localized ectatic inferonasal area. We discuss then the opportunity to perform neurological examination.
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