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BACKGROUND The umbilical cord epithelium (UCE) is composed of a single epithelial layer covering mucous connective tissue and it is thought to derive from the amniotic epithelium. Interestingly, UCE cells express not only simple and mucous epithelial keratins (CK8 and CK4/CK13), but also stratified epithelial keratins (CK1/10) and cornified cell envelope(More)
BACKGROUND The umbilical cord (UC) is composed of connective tissue called Wharton Jelly, covered by a simple epithelium believed to derive from amniotic membrane epithelium. In previous studies, we observed that the umbilical cord epithelium (UCE) in situ displayed stratified epithelial structures, in some areas that expressed cytokeratins and(More)
BACKGROUND Terbinafine, based on its pharmacokinetic properties, is a good candidate for pulse therapy. There are, as yet, no current guidelines for a terbinafine 1-week pulse regimine. OBJECTIVE To determine the optimal 1-week pulse dosing regimen for combination therapy of oral terbinafine with complementary 1% terbinafine cream for the treatment of(More)
The present study was designed to determine the lowest dose of orally administered itraconazole and the shortest duration of therapy necessary for treatment of tinea corporis and tinea cruris. For all patients, the itraconazole dose was 100 mg twice a day immediately after meals. Twenty-eight patients received itraconazole on days 1 and 8, 12 patients(More)
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