Borislav Borisov

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S. Nikishin, B. Borisov, M. Pandikunta, R. Dahal, J. Y. Lin, H. X. Jiang, H. Harris, and M. Holtz Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Nano Tech Center, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas 79409, USA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 77843, USA Department of Physics and Nano(More)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides a new generation of software architectures that attracts attention as promising way for smooth integration of loose coupled software applications. In addition to all benefits, it adds new dimensions to the complexity of designing, building, testing, deploying and maintaining Service-based applications (SBA).(More)
We present results on growth and fabrication experiments of AlN/AlGaN superlattices for ultraviolet (UV) optoelectronic devices. Superlattices with extremely short periods have been studied. The AlN “barrier” layers are 0.5 nm thick, and the AlxGa1-xN “wells” are 1.25 nm thick, with x ~ 0.08. This combination gives an average AlN mole fraction of 0.63(More)
We report the nonselective plasma etching of epitaxial GaN:Mg, Al0.63Ga0.37N, and AlN/Al0.08Ga0.92N short-period superlattices with various doping properties. Etching is performed using mixed CF4/Ar feed gases in a combined inductively coupled plasma and reactive-ion etching chamber. A uniform etch rate of ,23 nm/min is obtained for each of the compositions(More)
Optically-based chemical and biological sensors require optoelectronic devices with specific emission and detection wavelength ranges. Semiconductor optoelectronic devices applicable to this sensing are of particular interest due to their low power consumption, compact size, long lifetime, and low cost. We report the electrical and optical properties of(More)
The results of treating panaritium in 122 miners were analysed. The patients with uncomplicated panaritium were treated in the in-patient department for 6.3 days, with complicated--14 days. The increase in duration of the in-patient treatment to 9.3 and 17.5 days permitted to transfer the miners to the more light job, escaping polyclinics, with simultaneous(More)