Boris Troyanovsky

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Standard fluorescence microscopy approaches rely on measurements at single excitation and emission bands to identify specific fluorophores and the setting of thresholds to quantify fluorophore intensity. This is often insufficient to reliably resolve and quantify fluorescent labels in tissues due to high autofluorescence. Here we describe the use of(More)
Harmonic and intermodulation distortion effects play an important role in numerous analog applications, particularly in such areas as wireless communication systems. In this paper, we present a two-dimensional harmonic balance semiconductor device simulator which accurately models these nonlinear effects at the physical (drift-diffusion) level. The(More)
Transient production of gamma-retroviruses, including self-inactivating (SIN) retroviruses, is a common method for rapidly generating virus capable of gene delivery. Stable (continuous) production of virus is preferable to transient production for clinical and biotechnology purposes, however, because it allows for significant quantities of a uniform virus(More)
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