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Autom ation S y stem s using I ndustr ial S olutions S toj an P er š in, Bor is T ov or nik Laboratory for process automation U niv ersity of M aribor, F acul ty of E l ectrical E ng ineering and C omputer S cience S metanov a 1 7 , 2 0 0 0 M aribor, S l ov enia Abstract Fault Detection and Diagnosis systems offers enhanced availability and reduced risk of(More)
Underwater vehicles are highly nonlinear and complex systems, that makes designing autopilots extremely difficult. This paper presents autotuning as a method for tuning parameters of a micro-ROV autopilot. The main benefit of this procedure is that the model of the process does not have to be known. Autotuning is often used for industrial processes but not(More)
A fuzzy logic based controller applied to a simple magnetic suspension is presented in this paper. The simple electromagnet-ball system and the contactless optical position measurement system are developed as a physical model of the magnetic suspension. A nonlinear mathematical model is presented and linearized. This model has been used to design a discrete(More)
The paper integrates demands for safe processing and fault detection techniques. An early detection of the fault occurrence is vitally important since it contributes to avoidance of product deterioration, performance degradation, major damages to the machinery itself and damages to human health or even loss of lives. Some fault detection methods using(More)
In this paper fault detection and isolation schemes using an extended Luenberger observer for non-linear systems and linear fault sensitive filters are presented. The idea is to implement both approaches on the same plant, achieve on-line fault detection and show some practical issues related to on-line fault detection implementation on a real laboratory(More)