Boris Sveshnikov

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A specific feature of the acoustoelectric scattering of the nonuniform surface acoustic wave (SAW) beams by the straight metal strips placed on the piezoelectric substrates is discussed. A closed-form solution is obtained to describe the influence of diffraction on the reflective delay line with finite aperture. The found results allow us to develop the(More)
A novel technique is presented, allowing investigation of periodic interdigital transducers (IDTs) with better accuracy. Discrete analysis of regular systems (DARS) is based on the consistent approach demanding, as well as the Coupling-of-Modes (COM) analysis, only the phenomenological knowledge of the reflection, transduction and attenuation coefficients(More)
The most rigorous description of the characteristics of arbitrary BAW devices may be achieved by using the known three dimensional finite element method (e.g., Giraud et al, 2007). However, this approach demands enormous computational resources and a long computation time during each design of BAW resonators based on multilayer topologies. So, it is(More)
A novel integral method is proposed to validate the simulation of devices based on surface (SAW) and leaky surface (LSAW) acoustic waves. This method requires the perfect satisfaction of the energy balance condition over the whole spectrum of analysis. It allows evaluating quantitatively the precision of calculations made using the software packages based(More)
The spatial three dimensional variation of the polarization ellipse characterizing an elastic movement of the solid particles in the harmonically oscillating ultrasonic fields is studied. Such a variation comes into sight because of the interference of various elastic modes generated during the excitation and/or scattering of acoustic waves by the(More)
A use of self-matched unidirectional transducers (SMUDTs) is proposed in application to SAW tags. SMUDT provides simultaneously both high degree of its directionality and matching with the tag antenna without additional external circuitry. Numerical simulations of the tags, synthesized on 128&#x00B0; YX-LiNbO<inf>3</inf>, confirm an efficiency of the(More)
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