Boris Stoeber

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This paper presents a disposable minimally invasive self-calibrating continuous glucose monitor consisting of hollow out-of-plane microneedles to sample interstitial fluid from the epidermis, an integrated porous poly-Si dialysis membrane and an integrated enzyme-based flowthrough glucose sensor. The proposed system can be fabricated on a wafer-level using(More)
We demonstrate for the first time a proof of concept projector with a secondary array of individually controllable, analog micromirrors added to improve the contrast and peak brightness of conventional projectors. The micromirrors reallocate the light of the projector lamp from the dark parts towards the light parts of the image, before it reaches the(More)
Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) typically requires painful blood drawn from patients. We propose a painless and minimally-invasive alternative for TDM using hollow microneedles suitable to extract extremely small volumes (<1 nL) of interstitial fluid to measure drug concentrations. The inner lumen of a microneedle is functionalized to be used as a(More)
A microfabrication process for miniature syringes is described. The MEMS syringes consist of a silicon plate with an array of hollow out-of-plane needles and a flexible poly-dimethylsiloxane (PDMS) reservoir attached to the back of the plate. The PDMS reservoir can be filled with a drug solution or microparticle suspension which is delivered into the skin(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE In recent years, microneedles were proposed as a method to painlessly deliver drugs past the stratum corneum. Microneedles have been fabricated in several designs, but limited studies have tested microneedle injections in humans. In this work, we compare microneedle injections with topical application (TA) to investigate if microneedles(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Solid and hollow microneedles hold potential for painless vaccinations and drug injections. Hollow microneedles offer the potential for short-term bolus injections and long-term continuous injections. However, efficient injection requires complete penetration through the lipophilic stratum corneum. Furthermore, human skin is elastic,(More)
1 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences , The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC , Canada 2 Child and Family Research Institute , Vancouver, BC , Canada 3 Department of Pharmacy , Children ’ s and Women ’ s Health Centre of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC , Canada 4 Departments of Mechanical and Electrical and Computer Engineering , The University(More)
Paper is a ubiquitous material that has various applications in day to day life. A sheet of paper is produced by pressing moist wood cellulose fibers together. Paper offers unique properties: paper allows passive liquid transport, it is compatible with many chemical and biochemical moieties, it exhibits piezoelectricity, and it is biodegradable. Hence,(More)