Boris Spasenovski

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− − − − In this paper, we analytically analyzed the impact of an error-prone channel over all performance measures in a traffic-saturated IEEE 802.11 WLAN. We calculated station's transmission probability by using the modified Markov chain model of the backoff window size that considers the frame-error rates and maximal allowable number of retransmission(More)
In this paper, we analytically analyzed the influence of capture effect over theoretical throughput and delay of a traffic-saturated IEEE 802.11b BSS in Infrastructure and Ad-hoc configurations. The capture probabilities are derived in presence of near/far effect and/or Rayleigh fading, i.e. with or without power control mechanisms. The peak aggregate(More)
A DS-CDMA system with integrated ECC (Error Control Coding) technique is presented in this paper. The eccoder is a serial concatenation of a turbo code and a Walsh orthogonal code. An iterative algorithm for MAP decoding is implemented in the receiver. Decoding and despreading are unified through a joint iterative process in terms of exchanging soft(More)