Boris Slutsky

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We introduce a low refractive index layer between the metal and the gain medium in metal-coated laser resonators and demonstrate that it can significantly reduce the dissipation losses. Analysis of a gain medium waveguide shows that for a given waveguide radius, the low index layer has an optimal thickness for which the lasing threshold gain is minimal. The(More)
We present a formal treatment of the modification of spontaneous emission rate by a cavity (Purcell effect) in sub-wavelength semiconductor lasers. To explicitly express the assumptions upon which our formalism builds, we summarize the results of non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics (QED) and the emitter-field-reservoir model in the quantum theory of(More)
Electrically driven subwavelength scale metallo-dielectric pedestal pillar lasers are designed and experimentally demonstrated. The metallo-dielectric cavity significantly enhances the quality factor (Q > 1500) of the wavelength and subwavelength scale lasers and the pedestal structure significantly reduces the threshold gain (< 400 cm(-1)) which can(More)
This paper presents an approach to designing narrowband digital filters that are realizable using optical allpass building blocks. We describe a top-down design method by explicitly examining the derivation of an Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) architecture. Our result demonstrates a design that can achieve a 0.0025&#x03C0; passband edge while providing(More)
We demonstrate optical bistability in a silicon waveguide Fabry-Pe&#x0301;rot resonator formed by a pair of distributed Bragg reflectors. In the bistable regime, the output power of the resonator ceases to be uniquely determined by the input power because multiple powers within the cavity satisfy the resonance condition. Pulsating behavior is observed(More)
Metal-clad subwavelength lasers have recently become excellent candidates for light sources in densely packed chip-scale photonic circuits. In this review, we summarize recent research efforts in the theory, design, fabrication, and characterization of such lasers. We detail advancements of both the metallodielectric and the coaxial type lasers: for the(More)
We demonstrate an optically pumped hybrid III-V/Si distributed feedback laser with a small footprint, using sidewall modulated Bragg gratings for optical feedback. Our approach provides high overlap between lasing mode and gain medium and may enable hybrid lasers with improved efficiency, reduced threshold, and minimal size. We fabricate the structure using(More)