Boris Slobodin

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mRNAs encoding secreted/membrane proteins (mSMPs) are believed to reach the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in a translation-dependent manner to confer protein translocation. Evidence exists, however, for translation- and signal recognition particle (SRP)-independent mRNA localization to the ER, suggesting that there are alternate paths for RNA delivery. We(More)
BACKGROUND PP2Calpha is the representative member of the type 2C family of protein phosphatases, and it has recently been implicated in the regulation of p53-, TGFbeta-, cyclin-dependent kinase- and apoptosis-signaling. To investigate the role of PP2Calpha in cell growth and in radio- and chemosensitivity, wild type and PP2Calpha siRNA-expressing MCF7 cells(More)
Polarized cell growth is essential for most cellular processes including: cell division, growth control, differentiation, motility, and body plan morphogenesis. The establishment of cell polarity in eukaryotes involves the asymmetric organization of the both cytoskeleton and secretory pathway to lead to the polarized distribution of new membrane along a(More)
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