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We have measured the full counting statistics of current fluctuations in a semiconductor quantum dot (QD) by real-time detection of single electron tunneling with a quantum point contact. This method gives direct access to the distribution function of current fluctuations. Suppression of the second moment (related to the shot noise) and the third moment(More)
Immunotherapy and oncolytic virotherapy have both shown anticancer efficacy in the clinic as monotherapies but the greatest promise lies in therapies that combine these approaches. Vesicular stomatitis virus is a prominent oncolytic virus with several features that promise synergy between oncolytic virotherapy and immunotherapy. This review will address the(More)
and NW within each parity are very high, from 0.7 to 1. Genetic correlations between data of consecutive parities seem to be high, excepting those including the first litter, which go from 0.7 with the second to 0 with the fourth (for NB and NA). So it appears that data of first parity are a poor enough information about the genetic value of sows ; on(More)
The culling process from one lactation to the next is described and quantified with a mathematical culling model proposed by R OBERTSON (1966). The conscious yield selection can be separated from involuntary natural wastage. The appropriate survival curves and parameters were calculated by a max. likelihood method described by F INNEY (1972). Selection for(More)
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