Boris Simák

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— This paper presents an alternative energy-based algorithm to provide speech/silence classification. The algorithm is capable to track non-stationary signals and dynamically calculate instantaneous value for threshold using adaptive scaling parameter. It is based on the observation of a noise power estimation used for computation of the threshold can be(More)
Given the speed, with which development takes place in the telecommunications field, the need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs are outspoken. Industry needs to find ways of bringing new knowledge to the extremely busy employees in a flexible and need-lead fashion. Universities need to find ways to identify industry needs and to make(More)
Novel approach in the design of 2−D extremely narrow bandstop FIR filters is presented. The completely analytical design method is based on the 1−D optimal bandstop FIR filters. The 1−D FIR optimal bandstop filters are based on Zolotarev polynomial. Closed form formulas for the design of the filters are presented. One example demonstrates the design(More)
—A novel design procedure of equiripple half-band FIR filters is developed. Solution of the approximation problem in terms of generating function and zero phase transfer function for the equiripple half-band FIR filter is presented. The equiripple half-band FIR filters are optimal in the Chebyshev sense. The generating function for the equiripple half-band(More)