Boris Schäfer

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We present a theory for the elasticity of cross-linked stiff polymer networks. Stiff polymers, unlike their flexible counterparts, are highly anisotropic elastic objects. Similar to mechanical beams, stiff polymers easily deform in bending, while they are much stiffer with respect to tensile forces ("stretching"). Unlike in previous approaches, where(More)
p73 and p63, the two ancestral members of the p53 family, are involved in neurogenesis, epithelial stem cell maintenance and quality control of female germ cells. The highly conserved oligomerization domain (OD) of tumor suppressor p53 is essential for its biological functions, and its structure was believed to be the prototype for all three proteins.(More)
The transcription factor p63 is expressed as at least six different isoforms, of which two have been assigned critical biological roles within ectodermal development and skin stem cell biology on the one hand and supervision of the genetic stability of oocytes on the other hand. These two isoforms contain a C-terminal inhibitory domain that negatively(More)
The proteins p73 and p63 are members of the p53 protein family and are involved in important developmental processes. Their high sequence identity with the tumor suppressor p53 has suggested that they act as tumor suppressors as well. While p63 has a crucial role in the maintenance of epithelial stem cells and in the quality control of oocytes without a(More)
A mobile surface element is required in the frame of the ESA ExoMars mission for exploring Mars in order to investigate the environment and search for evidence of life. The mobility aspect is important in terms of range and duration but the rover and in particular the locomotion subsystem has also to fulfill other key mission constraints related to the(More)
We attempted to devise a transcription system in which a particular DNA sequence of interest could be inducibly expressed under the control of a modified polymerase III (pol III) promoter. Its activation requires a mutated transcription factor not contained endogenously in human cells. We constructed such a promoter by fusing elements of the beta-lactamase(More)
Renewables will soon dominate energy production in our electric power system. And yet, how to integrate renewable energy into the grid and the market is still a subject of major debate. Decentral Smart Grid Control (DSGC) was recently proposed as a robust and decentralized approach to balance supply and demand and to guarantee a grid operation that is both(More)
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