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Intragastric and parenteral administration of heteropolysaccharides of Matricaria chamomilla L. is found to normalize developing of the immune response upon air cooling and enhance (but do not normalize) this process upon immersion cooling. The immunomodulating effect of the heteropolysaccharides upon cooling is attributed to initiation of immunostimulating(More)
The root of licorice, a perennial grass of Fabaceae family, has been used in folk medicine since ancient times. In Tibet, licorice root preparations were used for the treatment of disorders in respiratory and digestive organs, biliary tracts, and kidneys, paralysis of nervous origin, and anemia, and as antidote in cases of snake and wild dog bite and for(More)
Retinol acetate enhances the immune response to the T-dependent antigen and beta-carotine increases the organism's reactivity with respect to both T-dependent and T-independent antigens. beta-Carotine is more effective against immunosuppressive action of benzylpenicilline compared to retinol acetate Retinol acetate induces the immunostimulative activity of(More)
The inhibitory kinetics of the primary immune response was studied by means of lethal irradiation. CBA mice were immunized with sheep red blood cells and 48, 72 and 96 hours later, they were irradiated with 750R. Afterwards, the number of direct plaque-forming cells was determined in their spleens during 58 to 66 hours at 4-hour intervals. After irradiation(More)
The article deals with the latest achievements in the interpretation of the mechanism of programmed cell death (apoptosis). The effect of drugs on the different stages of the apoptotic signal conduction is analysed. The earliest prospects of creating apoptosis regulating agents are planned. It is suggested that tests for apoptosis should be included in the(More)
Hemorrhage and toxic lesions of hemopoietic tissues inhibit the development of various types of immune response and induce immunosuppressive properties in light erythrocytes, while not influencing the immunological activity of heavy erythrocytes. The immunomodulant action of pyridoxine, folate and cobalamin in various cases of anemia was observed for the(More)
The erythrocyte stroma of intact rats treated with riboxin can be used, after an additional extracorporal treatment with menadione, as a transaphthogenic softly acting immunostimulant. Introduced into rats with a secondary experimental immunodeficient syndrome caused by indomethacin or gentamycin, this stroma leads to normalization of the humoral immune(More)