Boris Podolsky

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In loving memory of Asher Peres, we discuss a most important and influential paper written in 1935 by his thesis supervisor and mentor Nathan Rosen, together with Albert Einstein and Boris Podolsky. In that paper, the trio known as EPR questioned the completeness of quantum mechanics. The authors argued that the then-new theory should not be considered(More)
1. In view of the recent experimental determination of the dispersion by atomic hydrogen' it seems interesting to apply the theory of dispersion developed by Schrodinger2 to this case. In this paper we restrict ourselves to an approximation in which terms of the order of relativistic correction are neglected. For this purpose it is simpler to obtain our(More)
The really remarkable thing about our quantum world is the existence of nonlocal correlations —correlations between events at separate locations—that can’t be explained by either of the two sorts of explanation we are familiar with in classical physics or in everyday life: a direct causal connection in which information is transmitted from one event to the(More)