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OBJECTIVES The goal of this research is to provide an overall framework to enable model-based development of clinical guideline-based decision support systems (GBDSSs). The automatically generated GBDSSs are aimed at providing guided support to the physician during the application of guidelines and automatically storing guideline application data for(More)
Video games can play a vital part in a young child's education, particularly those that look to strengthen their spatial abilities. This study will look at a mixed gender group of 5 year olds from the Institución Educativa Julio Perez Ferrero focussing on the identification of signs to find the way out of a maze. This plays an important role in a(More)
Self-adaptive behavior is a feature which architects wants to include in their systems in order to improve its reliability. However, despite several ways to get it, it is still hard to implement a self-adaptive system which take in consideration quality attributes. Difficulties are related with architect's advanced knowledge in modelling, validating and(More)
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