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Morphological organization of the male palpal organ in Australian ground spiders of the genera Anzacia, Intruda, Zelanda, and Encoptarthria (Araneae: Gnaphosidae)
Abstract Detailed morphologies of the male copulatory organs of the Australian genera Anzacia, Intruda, Encoptarthria and Zelanda and the Holarctic genus Drassodes are presented. The homology ofExpand
The covering setae of ground spiders (Araneae: Gnaphosidae)
Previous study of the setae covering the opisthosoma of ground spiders shows that the morphology of the covering setae is genus-specific. The present study pursues the description of covering setaeExpand
A survey of the spiders of Black Rock Forest Preserve in New York (Arachnida: Araneae)
Abstract The survey results of the spider fauna of Black Rock Forest (BRF), Orange County, New York for 12 years are presented. The BRF spider fauna includes 27 families, 121 genera, and 279 species.Expand
Structure of genital organs and mating process of the spider Hemicloea sundevalli Thorell, 1870 (Araneae: Gnaphosidae)
Abstract A detailed morphology of the male and female copulatory organs of the Australian ground spider Hemicloea sundevalli Thorell, 1870 is presented. The genitalia of the female are characterizedExpand
Male palp organ morphology of three species of ground spiders (Araneae, Gnaphosidae)
doi: 10.5431/aramit4504 Abstract. A detailed morphological account of the male copulatory organs of three species of ground spiders, Sergiolus capulatus, Herpyllus propinquus and Callilepis plutoExpand
Ground spiders of the genus Taieria FORSTER, 1979 in New Zealand : taxonomy and distribution (Araneae: Gnaphosidae)
The genus Taieria ForstEr, 1979 includes six species: T. erebus (l. Koch, 1873); T. elongata, T. kaituna, T. obtusa and T. miranda - found in New Zealand and described by ForstEr (1979); and T.Expand