Boris P. Smirnov

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A harvested stock of chum salmon homing to Kurilskiy Bay, Iturup Island, consists of two genetically distinct river populations that reproduce in two rivers that drain into the bay and are characterized by limited gene flow. One of these is small and can be regarded as wild, whereas the other is much larger and, until recently, was composed of naturally(More)
aqueous ace t ic ac id solu t ion , and then when the bound ace t i c ac id fa i ls to 42-47% the ce l lu lose ace ta t e which p r e c i p i t a t e s is washed f ree f rom ace t ic ac id and the c a t a l y s t (H2SO4), and d r i ed . It is then e s t e r i f i e d with phthal ic anhydr ide in d ry pyr id ine . However , the pyr id ine method is not t(More)
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