Boris Noyvert

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The SW(3/2, 3/2, 2) superconformal algebra is a W algebra with two free parameters. It consists of 3 superconformal currents of spins 3/2, 3/2 and 2. The algebra is proved to be the symmetry algebra of the coset su(2)⊕su(2)⊕su(2) su(2). At the central charge c = 10 1 2 the algebra coincides with the superconformal algebra associated to manifolds of G 2(More)
BACKGROUND Determining the function of regulatory elements is fundamental for our understanding of development, disease and evolution. However, the sequence features that mediate these functions are often unclear and the prediction of tissue-specific expression patterns from sequence alone is non-trivial. Previous functional studies have demonstrated a link(More)
Association studies have identified a number of loci that contribute to an increased body mass index (BMI), the strongest of which is in the first intron of the FTO gene on human chromosome 16q12.2. However, this region is both non-coding and under strong linkage disequilibrium, making it recalcitrant to functional interpretation. Furthermore, the FTO gene(More)
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