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Local government revenue structure: Trends and challenges
This paper examines trends in local government revenues and current challenges that local governments face in raising revenue. We alsolook into the future in an effort to make recommendations toExpand
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The Soviet Union and the June 1967 Six Day War
Why did the Soviet Union spark war in 1967 between Israel and the Arab states by falsely informing Syria and Egypt that Israel was massing troops on the Syrian border? Based on newly availableExpand
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Documents on Soviet Jewish emigration
The challenge of Zionist ideology, 1957-68 documents 1-13 mass emigration - context and impact, 1970-78, documents 14-66 a new phase in emigration policy, 1980-83, documents 67-74 an end toExpand
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The story of budgeting practices in Louisiana strongly resembles its political history. The last decade was no exception. The relatively peaceful beginning of the decade was followed by two majorExpand
Roman Abramovich and his principles of management
Abstract Almost one in three of the 92 Premier and Football League clubs are now substantially owned and incorporated internationally, including in offshore tax havens. Such ownership structure leadsExpand
Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, and Prince Mikhail Skopin-Shuisky. Two Manuscripts of “Alexandria” with Continuation in the Time of Troubles
The article introduces into scientific circulation the two manuscripts of the famous monument of the Old Russian literature “Alexandria Serbian” - translation of the medieval novel about the life andExpand
Decentralisation and economic growth: evidence from developing countries
Publicat in: International Scientific Conference “Classical and Innovative Approaches in Contemporary Economic Thought: Considerations regarding the quality of life in the context of a changingExpand
Exiled to Palestine: The Emigration of Soviet Zionist Convicts, 1924-1934
List of Documents 1. Introduction: Zionism in Soviet Russia 2. Out of the USSR: The Exiles and Pompolit 3. Into Palestine: The Zionists and the British 4. Postscript 5. Documents
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