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A taxonomic review of ten species of the subgenus Cryptophonus Brandmayr et Zetto Brandmayr, 1982, the genus Harpalus Latreille, 1802 is given. In addition to nine Palaearctic species, the Ethiopian H. agnatus Reiche, 1849 is also included in Cryptophonus. Harpalus cyrenaicus Koch, 1939, stat. n. from Libya, which was originally described as a subspecies of(More)
New data on the distribution of 27 species and subspecies of ground-beetles of the tribe Harpalini in the Palaearctic, Oriental Region and in Australia are provided. The following taxa are reported for the first time: Chydaeus abramovi Kataev et Fedorenko, 2013 from Laos; Anisodactylus poeciloides pseudoaeneus Dejean, 1829 from Mongolia and Tuva (Russia);(More)
Ten new species of the genus Chydaeus Chaudoir, 1854 are described: C. dissimilis sp. n. (the bedeli species group) from the Doi Inthanon Mountain, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand; C. shaanxiensis sp. n. (the kasaharai species group) from the Daba Shan Mountain Range, southern Shaanxi, China; C. kabaki sp. n. (the kasaharai species group) from southern(More)
Idiomelas himalayensis Della Beffa, 1931 is treated as a subspecies of I. (Egaploa) fulvipes (Erichson, 1843), occurring in northern Pakistan and northeastern India. It is easily distinguished from two other subspecies of this species, the nominotypical one and I. fulvipes indus Kataev, 1997, by the dark coloration of the legs. Comparative characteristics(More)
Originally described as a separate monotypical genus, Bottchrus Jedlička, 1935 is treated as a senior synonym of Bellogenus Clarke, 1971, the subgenus of the genus Trichotichnus Morawitz, 1863. The type species of the subgenus Bottchrus, stat. n., Trichotichnus (Bottchrus) philippinus (Jedlička, 1935), comb. n., is redescribed on the basis of the holotype(More)
Five new species of the genus Chydaeus Chaudoir, 1854 are described from China: Chydaeus fugongensissp. n. (Shibali, Fugong County, Yunnan Province), Chydaeus gutangensissp. n. (Gutang, Medog County, Xizang Autonomous Region [Tibet]), Chydaeus hanmiensissp. n. (Hanmi, Medog County, Xizang Autonomous Region [Tibet]), Chydaeus asetosussp. n. (NE of Fugong,(More)
A taxonomic review of 23 species of the subgenus Pseudoophonus Motschulsky, 1844, the genus Harpalus Latreille, 1802, occurring in China is given, and a key to these species is provided. The species are divided in three species groups and five subgroups, the distinctive characters of which are listed. The following new synonyms are established: Harpalus(More)