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A novel method for computing the capacitance matrices of arbitrary shaped three-dimensional geometries is presented. The proposed approach combines a novel nonuniform-grid (NG) algorithm for fast evaluation of potentials due to given source distributions with an iterative solution of the pertinent integral equations. The NG algorithm is based on the(More)
We present a semi-analytical approach for the analysis of synchronization in bit patterned media (BPM) recording. The analysis is based on full numerical micromagnetic calculations of the reversal surfaces of separate BPM element. These reversal surfaces are used to define writing window zones for correct recording in BPM element arrays. The simulations(More)
Efficient implementations of non-uniform grid method (NGM) for fast computation of magnetostatic field on general purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are introduced. The NGM reduces the computational complexity of the magnetostatic field evaluation from 2 () O N to () O N. It is shown that the massive parallelization of GPUs leads to significant(More)
Non-uniform grid method (NGM) is a fast algorithm to accelerate the integral equation based method of static and dynamic field evaluation in various areas such as electromagnetics, optics, magnetics etc. The NG method reduce the computational complexity of direct evaluation of interaction between N unknowns from 2 () O N to () O N in static and(More)
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