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Design and testing of the passive mm-wave sensor operating in 88-100 GHz range is reported. The scanning part of this sensor is based on a heterodyne configuration with a bandwidth up to 12 GHz and NF = 9-10 dB. It can receive like noise signals that are typical for passive mm-wave imaging. Depending on the antenna system the sensor can be configured for(More)
1098-4402= We report experimental studies of the spectral linewidth and chirp characteristics of the mm-wave rf radiation of the Israeli Electrostatic-Accelerator free electron laser (EA-FEL), along with theory and numerical simulations. The simulations, matching the experimental data, were carried out using a spacefrequency-domain model. EA-FELs have the(More)
—Forward scattering effects have been studied and compared when nonhomogeneous medium is illuminated by coherent and quasi-noise sources operating in mm-wave and microwave ranges. Double-layers dielectric structure simulating Fabry-Perot resonator properties was employed to develop a relevant model used for comparing transmittances of both coherent and(More)
An improved measurement method of complex permittivity of low loss polymer powders is suggested. The measurements are done in the mm-wave range using a quasi optical resonator. The 2-D corrugated mode exciter is employed to improve suppression of undesirable higher modes. The model used for reconstructing complex permittivity takes into account ohm losses(More)