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Design and testing of the passive mm-wave sensor operating in 88-100 GHz range is reported. The scanning part of this sensor is based on a heterodyne configuration with a bandwidth up to 12 GHz and NF = 9-10 dB. It can receive like noise signals that are typical for passive mm-wave imaging. Depending on the antenna system the sensor can be configured for(More)
—Forward scattering effects have been studied and compared when nonhomogeneous medium is illuminated by coherent and quasi-noise sources operating in mm-wave and microwave ranges. Double-layers dielectric structure simulating Fabry-Perot resonator properties was employed to develop a relevant model used for comparing transmittances of both coherent and(More)
Modeling of real time software systems (RTSS) consist of different components with UML 2. 0 leads to a design model using various diagrams. To get a consistent model, a consistency concept for different diagrams type is needed that takes into account real time constraints. Ensuring consistency of The Unified Modeling Language (UML) model is very crucial as(More)
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