Boris Lakatoš

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Thymocytes were reported to undergo apoptosis in the presence of extracellular ATP through the activation of the purinergic receptors P2 X 1R, P2 X 7R or both. We investigated the identity of the P2 X R and the signaling pathways involved in ATP-mediated apoptosis. Apoptosis elicited by ATP was prevented by inhibition of P2 X 7R, or in thymocytes bearing a(More)
The adaptation to extreme concentrations of Ca(2+) and its consequence on the properties of the (45)Ca(2+) transport were studied in submerged mycelia of Trichoderma viride. The adaptation to low [Ca(2+)](o) did not cause changes in kinetic parameters of the (45)Ca(2+) influx but the adaptation to high [Ca(2+)](o) increased the K(M(Ca2+)). The V(max) of the(More)
We studied the effects of the chloride channel blockers, 5-nitro-2-(phenylpropylamino)-benzoate (NPPB), dihydro-4,4′ diisothiocyanostilbene-2,2′-disulphonic acid (DIDS), and phloretin on H2O2-induced primary culture cardiomyocyte apoptosis and activity of intracellular chloride channels obtained from rat heart mitochondrial and lysosomal vesicles. The(More)
During the selection process in the thymus, most thymocytes are eliminated by apoptosis through signaling via TCR or glucocorticoids. The involvement of ceramide (Cer) and sphingosine (SP), important apoptotic mediators, remains poorly defined in glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis. We report that, in mouse thymocytes, apoptosis triggered by 10(-6) M(More)
Quinazolines are multitarget agents, which have broad spectrum of biological activity, and some of them are now in cancer clinical testing. 3-(5-nitro-2-thienyl)-9-chloro-5-morpholin-4-yl[1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-c]quinazoline is a new synthetically prepared derivative, which in our previous study showed cytotoxic effects on cancer cell lines HeLa and B16.(More)
In this study the properties of the 45Ca2+ influx in human red blood cells (RBC) induced by NaVO3 or ATP-depletion were compared. Both NaVO3-induced and ATP-depletion-induced 45Ca2+ influxes were in the range 10(-6)-10(-5) mol Ca2+ x l(-1)cells x h(-1). The saturatability of ATP-depletion-induced 45Ca2+ influx with Ca2+ was much less pronounced than that of(More)
The (45)Ca(2+) influx into right-side-out resealed ghosts (RG) prepared from human red blood cells (RBC) was measured. The (45)Ca(2+) equilibration occurred with t(1/2)=2.5 min and the steady-state was reached after 17 min with the level of 22+/-2 micromol/L(packed cells) at 37 degrees C. The rate of the influx was 97+/-17 micromol/L(packed cells)h. The(More)
It is generally accepted that ceramide plays an essential role in apoptosis. In this study we suggest that in thymocytes, dexamethasone-induced apoptosis is mediated by sphingosine rather than ceramide, through the activation of an aSMase and a cerase in a caspase-dependent manner.
Identical masses of submerged Trichoderma viride mycelia of various ages were used as inoculum for a second submerged cultivation lasting for 24 h. It was found that the growth yield of secondary culture was dependent on the age of inoculum. The growth yields increased when the age of primary culture was less than 3 d, and decreased down to zero when older(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM P-glycoprotein (Pgp) expression in neoplastic cells is known to reduce cell sensitivity to several cytotoxic Pgp substrates. A member of the ABC transporter family, Pgp, represents the most frequently described membrane efflux pump and its expression in neoplastic cells is responsible for multi-drug resistance. Several lines of evidence(More)