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Our previous investigations showed that homolytic reactions of C60 with a number of perfluoroorganic and organomercury(II) compounds occurring under electron impact (EI) in the ionization chamber(More)
Interaction of C(60) with organo- and organoelement mercurials (CF(3)HgBr, PhHgBr, p-CH(3)C(6)H(4)HgBr, p-CH(3)OC(6)H(4)HgCl, CF(3)HgPh, Ph(2)Hg, (o-carborane-9-yl)(2)Hg, (m-carborane-9-yl)(2)Hg,(More)
AbstractC60 reacted with PhH, PhCl, BnH, BnNH2, and o-C2H2B10H10 in the electron impact (EI) ion source of a mass spectrometer at 300 °C forming phenyl, benzyl, and o-carboranyl adducts,(More)