Boris Kayser

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We try to understand and to develop some of the basic quantum mechanics of neutrino oscillation. First, we observe that measurements which identify the physical neutrino (mass eigenstate) involved in each event of an experiment destroy any oscillation pattern. We explain how these measurements do that. Then, we construct a wave packet treatment of neutrino(More)
There is now compelling evidence that atmospheric, solar, accelerator, and reactor neutrinos change from one flavor to another. This implies that neutrinos have masses and that leptons mix. In this review, we discuss the physics of flavor change and the evidence for it, summarize what has been learned so far about neutrino masses and leptonic mixing,(More)
I. The physics of flavor change: The rather convincing evidence that atmospheric neutrinos change from one flavor to another has now been joined by new, very strong evidence that the solar neutrinos do this as well. Neutrino flavor change implies that neutrinos have nonzero masses. That is, there is a spectrum of three or more neutrino mass eigenstates,(More)
2 Preface In response to the growing interest in building a Neutrino F actory to produce high intensity beams of electron-and muon-neutrinos and antineutrinos, in October 1999 the Fermilab Directorate initiated two six-month studies. The first study, organized by N. Holtkamp and D. Finley, was to investigate the technical feasibility of an intense neutrino(More)
Nine healthy subjects (age 31 +/- 4 yr) exercised with and without expiratory-flow limitation (maximal flow approximately 1 l/s). We monitored flow, end-tidal PCO2, esophageal (Pes) and gastric pressures, changes in end-expiratory lung volume, and perception (sensation) of difficulty in breathing. Subjects cycled at increasing intensity (+25 W/30 s) until(More)
Conceptual design studies are underway for muon colliders and other high-current muon storage rings that have the potential to become the first true " neutrino factories ". Muon decays in long straight sections of the storage rings would produce precisely characterized beams of electron and muon type neutrinos of unprecedented intensity. This article(More)
Do neutrinos have nonzero masses? If they do, then these masses are very tiny, and can be sought only in very sensitive experiments. The most sensitive of these search for neutrino oscillation, a quantum interference effect which requires neutrino mass and leptonic mixing. In these lectures, we explain what leptonic mixing is, and then develop the physics(More)
In order to accommodate the neutrino oscillation signals from the solar, atmospheric , and LSND data, a sterile fourth neutrino is generally invoked, though the fits to the data are becoming more and more constrained. However, it has recently been shown that the data can be explained with only three neutrinos, if one invokes CPT violation to allow different(More)