Boris Jensen

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This paper brings into focus the need for a systematic approach to qualify in-house powerline equipment and networks for audio and video (AV) streaming applications. We present a simple isolated powerline network, suitable as a basic reference network for AV application tests, and elaborate on the possibility to extend this into a more complex AV reference(More)
This paper focuses on a systematical method for introducing noise (jammers) into a powerline network in order to measure the consequences on QoS for operating in-house powerline equipment under noisy conditions. Different kinds of jamming noise are introduced to a basic powerline network, and the bandwidth (throughput) is measured and compared for different(More)
This paper describes a supervised reinforcement learning-based model for discrete environment domains. The model was tested within the domain of backgammon game. Our results show that a supervised actor-critic based learning model is capable of improving the initial performance and then eventually reach similar performance levels as those obtained by(More)
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