Boris J Nachtsheim

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An efficient transition-metal-free amination of benzoxazoles has been developed. With catalytic amounts of tetrabutylammoniumiodide (TBAI), aqueous solutions of H(2)O(2) or TBHP as co-oxidant and under mild reaction conditions, highly desirable 2-aminobenzoxazoles were isolated in excellent yields of up to 93%. First mechanistic experiments indicate the in(More)
The development of efficient Friedel-Crafts alkylations of arenes and heteroarenes using only catalytic amounts of a Lewis acid has gained much attention over the last decade. The new catalytic approaches described in this review are favoured over classical Friedel-Crafts conditions as benzyl-, propargyl- and allyl alcohols, or styrenes, can be used instead(More)
N-[(Uracil-5-yl)methyl]urea is reported as a minimalistic low-molecular-weight hydrogelator (LMWHG). The unusual phosphate-induced assembly of this compound has been thoroughly investigated by IR, UV/Vis, and NMR spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and rheological experiments. This rare example of an anion-triggered urea-based LMWHG is the first example of a(More)
During total hip replacement, identifiable myocardial ischemia occurs intraoperatively, indicating myocardial strain. Coronary heart disease (CHD) patients are at risk during this type of surgery. Perioperatively, CHD patients had significantly longer ST depressions than patients not suffering from CHD (3348 min vs 454 min). The number of depression(More)
An efficient electrophilic alkynylation of azlactones (oxazol-5(4H)-ones) is developed using alkynyl(phenyl)iodonium salts as the electrophilic alkyne source. After remarkably short reaction times, the desired alkyne functionalized azlactones are obtained in 60-97% yield and can be transformed easily into a variety of quaternary α-amino acid derivatives.
An efficient iodine-catalyzed synthesis of highly substituted oxazoles is presented. Starting from readily available aryl methyl ketones, β-keto esters, or styrenes, in combination with α-amino acids as amine-containing coupling partners, the corresponding 2-alkyl-5-aryl- substituted oxazoles were obtained in up to 80% yield via a decarboxylative domino(More)
Intraosseous infusions are a valuable means of establishing intravascular access in pediatric emergencies. We report a case of compartment syndrome from prolonged intraosseous infusion (53 hours). We postulate that chemical irritation from medications, infections, the tenuous nature of intraosseous infusions, and the use of infusion pumps may all play a(More)
Alkylation reactions utilizing nontoxic Lewis acid catalysts and "green" alkylating reagents are of high interest due to the continuous need for environmentally benign C-C and C-X bond formation. This article shows recent advances in Bi(III)-catalyzed alkylations of arenes, 2,4-pentanediones and various oxygen- and nitrogen-containing nucleophiles. Instead(More)