Boris I. Shraiman

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Locating the source of odor in a turbulent environment-a common behavior for living organisms-is nontrivial because of the random nature of mixing. Here we analyze the statistical physics aspects of the problem and propose an efficient strategy for olfactory search that can work in turbulent plumes. The algorithm combines the maximum likelihood inference of(More)
Biological functions typically involve complex interacting molecular networks, with numerous feedback and regulation loops. How the properties of the system are affected when one, or several of its parts are modified is a question of fundamental interest, with numerous implications for the way we study and understand biological processes and treat diseases.(More)
Science evolves, and over the last decade we have witnessed the emergence of a new scientific " genotype, " formed as a recombinant of physics and biology. This new hybrid has in many ways expanded the reach of traditional biophysics beyond a focus on the physical properties of biological molecules toward the quantitative study of all biological systems and(More)
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