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This report describes the enhancement of drug resistance by 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine at four individual loci and gene amplification at one locus in a hamster cell line. This drug has been used chemotherapeutically in the treatment of neoplasia and has documented effects on DNA synthesis. Our results in this paper demonstrate that the incidence of(More)
The paper presents APNNed, a new component within the APNN toolbox, that allows editing, visualization and debugging of certain colored Petri nets, which can result from a translation process of other Petri net tools. APNNed supports reenement of places and transitions to achieve hierarchical nets. Its facilities to perform the token game include(More)
1-0-Alkyl diol and glyceryl ether lipids with a quaternary ammonium polar head group were synthesized and the cytotoxicity (IC50) tested against KB cells, with low 1-0-alkyl-cleavage activity, and rat hepatoma 77 cells with relatively high 1-0-alkyl-cleavage activity. The original premise was that the compounds would be inactivated by the cleavage enzyme(More)