Boris Glinsky

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The Monte-Carlo method (stochastic simulation) is the one of the major tools in statistical physics, complex systems science and many other fields and is considered to be the promising computational scheme to run on nearest future exaflop supercomputers with many thousands and even millions of computational cores. We suggest a technique of the distributed(More)
AstroPhi code is designed for simulation of astrophysical objects dynamics on hybrid supercomputers equipped with Intel Xenon Phi computation accelerators. New RSC PetaStream massively parallel architecture used for simulation. The results of AstroPhi acceleration for Intel Xeon Phi native and offload execution modes are presented in this paper. RSC(More)
We present a technology of 3D seismic field simulation for high-performance computing systems with GPUs or Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. This technology covers adaptation of a mathematical modeling method and development of a parallel algorithm. We describe the parallel realization designed for simulation based on using staggeredgrids and 3D domain(More)
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